Create Generational Wealth

Using A Private Banking System

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Discover How Infinite Banking Can help you:


Plan for a Lifetime  of Safe and Predictable Financial Growth.


A place where you can store money, earn a competitive yield on it and still be able to use your money without any penalties of fees.


Numerous Financial Benefits, like liquidity, guarantees, tax advantages, creditor protection, business needs, or tax-free retirement.

Infinite Banking Concept is the financial strategy used by wealthy families,
companies, and the elite to protect and grow their wealth.

Many wealthy individuals and large companies take advantage of the power of infinite banking.

Some familiar names and businesses you may recognize are…


Walt Disney – Disneyland


Jim Pattison – The Jim Pattison Group


Ted Rogers – Rogers Communications


Ray Croc – McDonalds


John D. Rockefeller – Standard Oil Company


Rothschild Family – International Banking

Companies like…


General Electric



Harley Davidson

So while the average investor is told to invest for the long run, dollar cost average, invest in RRSP’s, the rich play using a different set of rules, rig the game in their favor, and lock in guaranteed returns with limited risk.

If you want to be rich, do what the rich do. They don’t rely on luck or gambles to win in life. They play it safe and smart.

Because the fact is…

You don’t need more risk for higher returns…

You need a smarter system.

The Infinite Banking Concept is a smarter system because it allows you to simultaneously preserve, protect and grow your wealth in one simple account. Your money is not locked up like it is in most retirement accounts. You can access and use your money any time you want for any purpose.

Here’s how it works:


Deposits you make into your Infinite Bank policy never lose value. A portion of all of the money in your account is safe from lawsuits. Your account is a contract, so you know exactly what your guaranteed returns are. And since this is a private contract, it is not regulated like government-sponsored retirement plans.


Access cash for any purpose using easy, quick access loans, while your balance continues to grow. These loans from your bank are private, do not have a specific payback period, and do not require a credit check.


The Infinite Banking Concept Infinite Banking


Your wealth grows automatically as your account enjoys tax-favored growth and takes full advantage of compounding interest. The steady, guaranteed return historically averages around 6%


When it comes to retirement … we all want to dream big! If retirement savings alone aren’t enough to make our retirement dreams a reality, the Preferred Retirement Solution can help.
Some life insurance policies have cash value you can access. Use it as collateral for a tax-free bank loan to supplement your retirement income. Unlike traditional loans, the debt is repaid using the proceeds from the life insurance policy.


Ask someone if they want to leave a legacy after they’re gone, and they’ll almost assuredly answer yes. Ask someone if they know how to go about accomplishing such a benevolent task, and they’ll probably say, “I have no idea.” You might be surprised to learn there’s a simple solution: your life insurance policy.
The payout from a life insurance policy (called a death benefit) can be a legacy that far outlasts your time on Earth. And it’s not only for people who want to leave a legacy to their spouse and children. So if you think life insurance isn’t for your particular situation, think again. A life insurance policy can change many different people’s lives, or even entire communities, after you’re gone.


See All the Benefits of the Infinite Banking

Infinite Banking helps you create Real, Lasting Wealth…

GROWS your deposits by an annual dividend that can boost your cash value.

CAPITAL PRESERVATION without risking principle, so your cash value is not affected by market volatility and you won’t lose your money if the economy crashes again.

ELIMINATES cash flow problems with quick access loans for any purpose. No credit check required and no questions asked.

CREDITOR PROTECTION you never have to worry about losing your money due to a lawsuit or bankruptcy.

IMMEDIATE access to your money in the event of a disability or any other emergency without having to cash out.

RETIRE TAX-FREE allows you to receive monthly payments tax-free when you decide to retire, with no age restrictions and no early withdrawal penalties.

Very few people ever know about the Infinite Banking Concept, but those who invest a small amount of time to educate themselves have been thrilled…

As an Insurance Advisor, people come to us for one of two reasons: they need a way of managing risks or they are looking for privatized banking to improve liquidity.
This is a huge responsibility that we take damn seriously. People are trusting us with their lives, their business, and their families.

There’s no room for “good enough” here and slackers are not welcome. We do not understand mediocrity.
We will be relentless in the pursuit of our client’s interests.
We will never compromise when it comes to delivering the absolute very best that we’ve got.
We die-hard because our clients deserve nothing less. Our goal is to win. Period.

If we don’t believe we can actually win, or that we don’t have the right experience, we won’t take the client. Ever.
No matter how much money they offer us. Never. And if YOU don’t believe this is how things ought to be around here, you’re fired.

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See How Infinite Banking Can Change Your Life…

Pay for your Kids Education

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Where some financial products are single purpose planning tools, infinite banking is a multi-purpose planning tool that can be used for education and many other things for your child. Designed to stand the test of time and eventually passed along to the next generation on a tax free basis. 

Finance Your own Home

Arguably the single most beneficial aspect of Infinite Banking is that it improves your cash flow. You don’t need to go through the hoops of a traditional bank to get a loan; simply request a policy loan from your insurer and funds will be made available to you. You could use your loan as a down payment or potentially for the entire home purchase.

Pay off debt

Paying off debt is the first step towards building financial independence, because it frees up the dollars that could otherwise be saved for retirement income. All of the money that’s used to pay off the debt is gone forever. Worse… By the time the debt is paid off, it’s usually time to buy more stuff. By investing in yourself and saving first, you can actually leverage your savings to pay off debt, while your money continues to grow… Tax free. 

Invest in Real Estate

When you borrow from an Infinite Banking policy your approval is quick. There are no qualifications, appriasals, or other hassles.  Your credit is not impacted by your policy loans, as they are secured by cash value in your policy. Additionally, because this is your policy and you control it, there is no concern about having loans called. 

Finance a Vehicle

Most people don’t want to accumulate wealth simply just to have an impressive annual statement. You want to become your own banker to buy things. Now you can utilize the equity inside your own bank to do these things at any time for any reason including buying vehicles.  

Set up money for Tax Free Retirement

Many individuals rely on Infinite Banking for a tax free retirement. Because insurance policies are paid for with after-tax dollars, you don’t have to worry about your future tax rate like you would with a RRSP. So long as you utilize the right loan feature of your infinite bank policy, you don’t have to pay taxes on the growth of your cash value. Simply fund your retirement with loans and your insurance company deducts the outstanding loan from the death benefit after you pass away. 

How to make Infinite Banking Concept Work for you

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