Imagine the dreams that your kids can accomplish by knowing they will become a millionaire.

Utilizing a method, to create compounding money that can last through multi-generations, along with the benefit that it is not anchored to the stock market volatilities.

By using the Infinite Banking Concept, to finance your child’s College or University education, you will have benefited greater advantages over traditional methods of savings. One of the key benefits is that you remove the risk of capital losses due to stock market fluctuations, which would leave you more money to finance other life goals.

The Infinite Banking Concept is a specially designed structure, on a Participating Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance policy, with optimized flexibility and creating high cash value. By adding specific riders to the policy, your cash value can substantially grow higher than traditionally designed policies.

helping families create a legacy of wealth

How we help families build a financial legacy

1. By funding a participating whole life insurance policy, your money can compound uninterrupted all year long, shielded from the uncontrollable ups and downs of today’s market. Insulate your children’s savings from the radical swings that you can’t control in the markets.

2. Build an asset that is protected from taxes and creditors, while allowing you to have full access of it, with a policy that you control. Giving your children and grandchildren the ability to buy a car, pay for an education, buy a home and eventually having a million dollars in cash or assets.

3. Creating multi-generational wealth. Invest in the seeds now, to be harvested later, leaving a warehouse of savings to take complete control of your family’s financial destiny.

These products have been around for over a hundred years and have been offering these dividends for the same time period.

The ultra rich have used this method time and time again, now it is time to enrich your family’s legacy.

After you build up your cash value in your policy, you can access it tax free.

Your greatest Gift to a Kid

What would be the perfect Gift to remind your Children or Grandchildren of the love you had for them?

We know that traditional methods of saving from RESP’s, RRSP’s, or Mutual Funds are slow and susceptible to poor returns

Copy the wealthiest families in the World

You will have access to this cash compounding machine, that does not have the same fluctuations as the stock market

Every year as the policy increases the cash value and death benefits with also increase

Earn bonus dividends from the insurance company where you are now a part owner

Participating whole life insurance is an unbreakable gift. Unlike a childs toy that will end up in the trash

Use this Financial system to build a legacy of multi-generational wealth. Use the same system that helped build financial empires like Walt Disney and Jim Pattison

Planning for education with set for life kids
Your child doesn’t have to go to post-secondary school to access the benefits

Here’s how it works:

Traditionally the way of preparing for your kids education is not cutting it.

Government education savings plans (RESP’s) compared with setting up your child for life.

The government makes rules and can change them at any time, and the market dictates the growth. Who has control?  Setting up your child for life, you are the owner, that has all the control. It is a privately placed contract with a Government approved reputable company, that has written guarantees.

How liquid is it? With the government, if you cash out, you lose all the grants. Any potential growth stops, and you pay taxes on capital gains.

When dealing with RESP’S, you run into an emergency, and need quick money to cover the situation at hand. Did you know that penalties will be applicable on non-educational withdraws? Additionally, all those education grants will get taken back. It does not end there. Any interest accumulated, get hit with a capital gains tax.   

With setting up your child for life, you will have access to a policy loan, up to 90% of the accumulated cash value. Request for those funds take days to complete. All the while, still earning full dividends.

The growth explained here.

With the government, your investment is subjected to the ebb and flows of the stock market. Setting up your child for life, creates compounded guaranteed money. Stock markets do not control your family legacy growth.

RESP’s in Canada are not free from creditors, except in Alberta.

Setting up your child for life, and designating the beneficiary correctly, will make it creditor protected. No outstanding debt can touch your child’s life legacy.

Did you know. RESP’s has maximum of 31 years you can contribute and only stay open until the child reaches 35 years of age. Setting up your child for life, you do not have to limit yourself the ability to fund your whole life policy. You get the flexibility to control the time frame, even till they reach the age of 100. You ask what are the limits? RESP’s must be used by age 35 and have a $50,000 dollar lifetime limit. Setting up your child for life, the amounts are limited to the amount of life insurance the parents already have and your child needs to qualify a medical background check

Advantages of Setting up Your Child for Life

AGE 18 – Education $100,000 accessible which can be used for any school, or any other interests they choose.

AGE 30Family Home $250,000 accessible. Freedom to decide what type of house and amount of down payment.

AGE 40Income Property accessible. $450,000 with the correct investment strategy, they could have significant                             income streams from their rental properties.

AGE 50 – Lump Sum Investment. The child has access to over $750,000 This can build a good retirement nest egg.

AGE 65Over $1,600,000 to utilize towards retirement.

AGE 85+ – Death. A legacy of family wealth of over $4,000,000 tax-free.

***Assumptions based on major Canadian life insurance companies in 2022. Based on current dividend scales. Dividend scales are projected and not guaranteed. Based on starting a plan after child is 1 month old. Based on a monthly contribution amount of $500.

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